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17 March 2006 @ 11:26 am


Hey girl que undas? Not much here just kickin it back in Government. Yep! [smiley face] Sorry I didn't write you back sooner itz cuz I'm dumb and I forget things easily. But yeah, thats so cool that you really like this Jack* guy and that you are willing to give up that other guy who's closer to you for Jack. that's true love right there. (Right?) But yeah, that's so exciting! You get to see him sooner than you expected to! Tou are still gonna go to cali for springbreak right? I hope so! Me trats algo ((what?)) ok? Ok! Just kidding! What a dork! But anywayz... [smiley face] Yeah I never finished telling you about what happened with Bob*, so yeah... This loser told me he loved me and that he wanted something serious with me cuz he's tired of alwayz getting hurt cuz all a his girlfriendz have alwayz cheated on him, so I felt sorry for him, and we got to know each other and stuff, then we went out, everything was great! We alwayz talked on the phone, and everytime we saw each other we had lotz of fun, but that wasn't very often. So, on Valentine's day, I get a phone call from Eliza*, and she's all mad and tells me that Bob was cheating on me with two girls. One was Shelley*, the other one Erin*. According to Erin, she hooked up w/ Bob cuz he told her that I meant nothing to him and that it was nothing serious, but she was crying cuz she supposebly heard that Bob was with some girl kissin @ the breakroom which means he cheated on my twice! So he called me 5 minz later from talkin to Eliza and he tells me Eliza's bout to tell me some shit, so I told him she has already told me, and we talked about it. His side of the story was that he NEVER had anything going on with Erin, but somethin was up with Shelley. He told me it was cuz he missed me so much that made him want to be with someone when he wasn't with me cuz he wished he was with me so he went out on a date with Shelley and she told him she liked him, he told her he liked her too n they kissed. From that point when he told me that I told him it was over and to forget anything ever happaned with me and that we ever met. So he supposebly got real sad, and later on when we hung up Eliza calls me again and she's like oh yeah I saw them kissing in the breakroom a little bit ago. But yeah he hooked up with her, and now he's callin me tellin me that he misses me and he wants me to be his kid's mamma. I'm like...NO! But yeah he broke up with girl 1 week ago and asked me out but I said no, so he hooked up with another white girl 2 days later. So what ever! Yeah. But anywayz... yeah I'm gonna go to Silver $ City for springbreak! Yay! G2G Laters!

Take Care!

*Names have been changed for my own personal safety.
Current Mood: cynical
emsiizilla on March 17th, 2006 05:58 pm (UTC)
I'm sooooo confused.
Garlic for Your Mintsantifreshmaker on March 17th, 2006 06:21 pm (UTC)
So am I. So am I.