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preoccupied with life...

...amongst other things.

Ze Random Art Community
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People seem confused as to what this actually is.

Well, quite simply, it is a place to post scans of notes (bits of paper that have been written on). Remember in high school when you'd find a note on the floor and giggle to yourself about it because it was just plain stupid or maybe confusing? Yeah. That's why I made this. There are far too many pieces of notebook paper that go by without more people enjoying them.

Rules (there are only a few, no worries)
-Besides notes, you may also post pictures of interesting things. Perhaps a dog peeing on a fire-hydrant, or whatever. Anything that might interest someone else.
-No advertising. Please... just... just don't.
-Scans, or a very nice photo only. It's frustrating to not be able to read the note.
-Full names (first names or nicknames are fine) must be marked out if they are easily seen on a note.
-LJ cut anything that is huge. You can come up with your own definition of huge.