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05 February 2006 @ 03:35 pm
i'm out of high school, so i don't have many notes anymore, per se. HOWEVER, i do have this treasure.
backstory: my friend zack (lipophobe) and i were fucking around during the break between exams in, i think, sophomore year? a discussion of harry potter led to him drawing this:

there is more to this series, including bad drawings from me and my other friend joe, but this is by far the best of them.
anyone who needs help decoding the handwriting, let me know. i can read it >.> or if you'd like a version that photobucket has not slaughtered.
Garlic for Your Mintsantifreshmaker on February 6th, 2006 12:44 am (UTC)
'Ron Weasel-y! Ahahahaha! I am so goddamn cool!'